Tired of traditional workouts and want a fun way to get fit and awaken your feminine energy? 

Unleash Your Inner Goddess With Belly Dance

Experience The Ultimate Fun and Feminine “No Workout”

Without confusing video tutorials, feeling self-conscious, or expensive classes

A warning to everyone reading this page...

before you go any further there’s something you need to know…

Most women will fail at learning belly dance.

Or even worse, they won’t ever give it a try. Why? 

Simply put, it’s either one of two things:


Many belly dance teachers over-complicate belly dance and make it too hard to learn​


Women think belly dance is “not for them” for a whole bunch of reasons that are simply not true​​

It’s a real shame that so many women get turned away from belly dancing because it is one of the most powerful ways to increase your confidence, get a rock solid core and feel feminine and sensual.



Does this sound familiar?​

 You don’t feel good about yourself and you don’t know how to fix it.


 You don’t feel confident or comfortable in your own skin.


 You feel like there’s a sexy and empowered goddess within you but you don’t know how to bring her out.


 You want to feel in love with your body, wear whatever clothes you want and be proud to show it off.


 In the “new normal” of COVID times you feel limited and stuck in your options of exercising and being fit.


 You find it hard to stick to an exercise routine because at the end of the day it’s boring, painful and feels like a chore.

Many women who want to learn belly dance hit these common roadblocks​

  • There are no belly dance classes nearby (...and during COVID time forget about it!)


  • It’s too expensive- belly dance classes average $60/month minimum which is not budget friendly.​


  • It’s hard to fit a specific class time into your crazy and hectic schedule.

  • Feeling discouraged if you don’t have the time or money to take enough classes to improve & get better.


  • The class isn’t a good fit for your skill level and so you feel left behind or unsuccessful.


  • You feel self-conscious in a group setting.​


  • You think you have to be a certain age, size or shape to feel good about belly dancing.


The Story Behind Feminine Fire

For the past 16 years I have taught belly dance in almost every setting imaginable.


Big corporate gyms. Small boutique studios. School classrooms. Community centers. Senior citizen centers. Nonprofits for “at-risk” youth. Summer camps. 


I even taught belly dance at a dance studio in Osaka, Japan for 4 months. Without words. Because no one spoke English. 


I saw the struggles painted painfully on my students' faces. The look that said “I can’t do this”, “I feel stupid and uncoordinated”, “I don’t like the way I look.” And worst of all...


“I want to give up.”

I then became hyperfocused on a single goal:

How can I make belly dancing as easy as possible and get women to feel successful within minutes?


I earned the title of the “10 Minute Belly Dance Teacher” because I can have any woman experiencing the joy of belly dance in under 10 minutes. (I haven’t lost a challenge yet!)


But more than that, I didn’t want to just teach women how to belly dance, I wanted to help them become a creator in their own body, within hours, instead of years. 


This was the inspiration for what I’m about to show you! 



Get ready to IGNITE your joy and UNLEASH your Inner Goddess with...


Feminine Fire: Awaken The Belly Dancer Within

The First Belly Dance DIY System That Empowers You To Be A Creator In Your Own Body So You Can Experience Ultimate Fun & Freedom​

Available for the first time, this unique signature belly dance system will give you the tools and skills to create a limitless variety of your own belly dance routines.


This is a complete belly dance system that you will never find on YouTube because it’s a true SYSTEM that will guide you step by step until you’re in the driver’s seat, empowered to create on your own.



Who Is Feminine Fire For?

  • You’ve always wanted to learn how to belly dance but something always got in the way.


  • You’re looking for a fun way to exercise and get a strong core without traditional workouts or having to go to the gym.


  • You want to feel empowered, confident, sexy and in love with your body and yourself.


  • You want to improve your health, increase your energy and feel vibrantly alive.


  • You want to connect with your femininity, sensuality and unleash your Inner Goddess.


Here’s what’s included in the Feminine Fire Belly Dance System

Phase #1: The Belly Dance Movement Vault

The Ultimate Belly Dance Video Library 

Learn the vocabulary of belly dance word by word, movement by movement. Gain a solid dance foundation and quickly develop the skills you need to create your own belly dance routines, even if you’re new to belly dance. 

  • 180+ videos of all the belly dance foundational movements​​.

  • Easy to access 24/7 on all your digital devices.

  • Perfect for all levels- from absolute beginner to advanced.

  • Bite-sized 5-minute videos are easy to fit into your daily routine.​

  • Feel like you’re in a live class! ​

Phase #2: The Belly Dance Duos

The Building Blocks For Creating Your Own Belly Dance Routines

In this phase of the Feminine Fire signature system, we’ll put two belly dance movements together into a belly dance “duo”. 


It’s a mini belly dance routine that you can do for fun all on its own and have yourself a little belly dance class at any time of day. 

  • 50+ Duo videos from beginner to advanced levels with new content added monthly​.

  • Each duo is easy to learn with 3 different versions: demo only, demo + music and music only​.

  • Each video is 5-10 minutes long so it’s easy to fit into your daily routine and lifestyle​.

  • Simply organized into your so that everything is easy to access​.

Phase #3: The Feminine Fire Belly Dance Signature System

The First Belly Dance DIY System That Empowers You To Easily Create Your Own Custom Routines​

Now you’re ready to unleash your Inner Goddess within you and awaken the belly dancer within.


One of the greatest joys of belly dancing is to be able to improvise and express yourself by creating your own belly dance routines. 


With the Feminine Fire signature system you will learn the simple steps to choreograph your own belly dance routines. You’re going to blow yourself away! 


Your friends or partner will be amazed at how quickly you got these new belly dance skills.


  • Easily create a limitless variety of different belly dance routines all on your own.

  • Available for all levels from beginning to advanced​.

  • Access a ton of duo routines created for you if you just want to press play and have fun.​



The Feminine Fire Belly Dance System Is Your Ticket To Feel Amazing

Designed for even the beginner who thinks they were born “uncoordinated”​

Easily make progress with Feminine Fire, even if you only have 5 minutes a day!​

Enjoy this no impact exercise that is perfect for all body types and fitness levels.​

Transform your body by building core strength, sexy curves, and flexibility.

This program is perfect for small spaces as many of the movements can be done standing in place!

Truly an “equal opportunity” dance form and can be done by women of any age, shape or size.

Ignite a spark of joy and self-love that you will attract positive energy to you.

Use your body as a form of creative expression & enjoy a new passion and hobby.

Instantly transform any sad mood or bad day into a fresh outlook of positive energy.

and so, so much more...

And...The Goddesses Deserve Overflowing Abundance Bonuses Package...​

Bonus #1: The Belly Dance Studio

It’s like having a private belly dance studio in the comfort and convenience of your own home with no one watching (unless you want them to!:-)

 Choose a time interval that works for you with 10, 20, and 30 minute classes.

 Includes a warm up and drill section in the longer classes for a complete workout.

 New classes monthly so you’ll always have a fun variety to choose from.

Bonus #2: Belly Dance Pyramid Fitness Workouts

The Exclusive Belly Dance Fitness Program You Won’t Find Anywhere Else Online & Just Might Be The Sexiest Workout EVER!

 Fat burning cardio, core strengthening, muscle toning and belly dancing in 10 minutes.
 Never get bored and challenge your body in new ways with workouts added monthly.
 Modifications provided so you can tailor it to your own unique fitness level.
 No equipment needed! Bodyweight and resistance training options for maximum flexibility.

Bonus #3: The Drill Zone

Drills are the secret sauce of being a skilled and amazing belly dancer. Think of it like the belly dance version of a basketball player shooting hoops.


 Improve your muscle strength, stamina and control and become a stronger dancer

 Shimmy drills (hip shimmies, Egyptian shimmies, shoulder shimmies, etc.)
 Add them on to your daily routine for bonus core strengthening and belly dance chiseling

Bonus #4: Veil Allure​

The belly dance veil is elegant, sensual, and seductive and the most popular belly dance prop.


 How to choose the right veil fabric and how to easily make your own beautiful veil 
 The right way to hold the veil so you look graceful and can control the veil with ease
 The most dramatic veil movements that are easy to learn & make you look like a pro

And… For The Love Of Goddess “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me”...

Even More Bonuses

Bonus #5: Ab Queen​

Get a core fit for a goddess with this collection of powerful core strengthening videos. Ever wonder how belly dancers get those insane abs? Well, you’re going to find out! 


 The secret core exercises belly dancers do to perform like a pro and create powerful isolations

 Strengthen your abs from every angle for insane results in less time.

 Relieve back pain & prevent injuries with powerful targeted exercises without crunches!

Bonus #6: Cymblicity

Finger cymbals are the classic belly dancer accompaniment and an instrument in its own right! It’s that special something that makes belly dancing look so cool!


 Learn all the basics of how to choose, wear and play finger cymbals

 Drills and beginner rhythms to build your skills in a gentle and progressive way

 How to get comfortable dancing while playing so that it feels totally doable!

Bonus #7: Stretch Flow​


 Increase flexibility, prevent injuries and feel fluid and graceful.

 The ultimate five minute stretch routine for before and after your belly dance practice.

 How to use a foam roller to work out kinks and knots and prevent injuries.




Bonus #8: Drum Beat Academy​

The Middle Eastern drum is the heartbeat of belly dance music knowing the rhythms will make you a better dancer. 


 The essential drum rhythms to know so you can easily identify them in any song.

 Gain a deeper appreciation of the music and a cultural context for the dance.

 Accent the different drum beats with your body and use your body as an instrument.

Bonus #9 The FF Goddess Circle Private Facebook Group​

 Get the support you need to be consistent in your daily belly dance practice.

 Share your DIY belly dance routines and be inspired by others creativity.

 Exclusive tips and interviews that will show you exactly how to live your best life.

Bonus #10: The Feminine Fire Spotify Playlist


 Avoid spending hours weeding through bad music to find music to inspire you.

 3+ hours of hand-selected 100% authentic and fun belly dancing songs.

 My all-time favorite classical Egyptian & “Arabic pop” songs from 16+ years dancing.

Bonus #11: Exclusive Membership “Goddess Coins”​

Each month you will enjoy exclusive members only “Goddess Coins” which are special vendor discounts where you can save money online with stores that sell belly dance related items like hip scarves, costumes, music, practice wear, etc. Goddesses don’t pay full price!




The Fearless Feminine Fire Guarantee


“Today is my second day and I’m having so much fun with this! I’m devoting a lot of time to myself and investing in my health and mental well being with every step! Thanks so much for putting this all together and giving me an easy way to enjoy working out while embracing my inner Goddess!”

- Nona B.​

“I hit menopause last year, I gained weight, I have no energy, and just feel bad about myself all the way around. I tried a couple of moves yesterday and they were fun! I actually always wanted to learn to belly dance...the universe brought me here! I think I already feel sexier which is astounding because I never have.”

- Linda D.​

“I would like to thank Jennifer again for putting this program together, being such a good teacher and offering hope. I was told 16 years ago by a doctor that there was absolutely nothing I could do with my MS. Unfortunately I gave up hope and that was that. My error, now I see, as there ARE things that I can do. One of which is this fun belly dancing which I have always wanted to learn. I haven’t been able to put all the dancing together as I have limited time and flexibility, but I have learned some tricks/movements that I can feel are teaching my body how to move and plan on developing them more. My muscles are waking up and getting stronger and I have hope! Thank you!”

- Debra P.

“It helped me with my coordination, my self-esteem and my femininity.


It’s amazingly awesome. I definitely recommend it.”

- Felecia M.​

“I took a ‘before’ video of myself- wish I’d done that from Day 1! I’ve already had HUGE changes in my muscle tone. So cool! I find myself randomly doing pelvic tilts...even sitting at my desk. Love that!”

- Janet S.​

“I notice a firmer tummy and actual definition in my waist and my legs are getting toned. I lost inches in the same area without losing weight. I know where my pelvis is and how to move it which has also loosened my hips. Plus it feels really good.”

- Kemberly V.

Do you need to be “coordinated” or have special skills to learn belly dance?

This myth has prevented literally thousands of women from experiencing the joy and fun of belly dance. Learning belly dance is just like learning any skill, it just takes patience, practice, consistency and the right instruction. Even if you think you were born “uncoordinated” or are a “natural klutz”, believe me, you can totally do this!

Can you learn belly dance for free on YouTube?​​

YouTube is great for learning things or adding to your already existing knowledge, but it will never teach you a comprehensive system for learning a complex skill. Why? Even the greatest YouTube playlist is still a random collection of videos. It’s not a system. YouTube is awesome and I’ve learned a lot from it, but it’s important to be realistic about what it can and can’t teach you.  Give yourself the best shot at learning something really well. Learn a system and not just random videos.

Does learning belly dance take a lot of time?​​

It’s so easy to get into black and white thinking, but the truth is that little actions over time create the most powerful results. People can learn a language in only 10 minutes a day. And belly dance is a “body” language you can learn in the same amount of time. Each of the videos in Feminine Fire are designed to easily fit into your daily routine, so even if you only have 10 minutes a day you can learn quickly and make incredible progress.




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